Coffee vs Matcha

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Ever drank a cup of coffee and felt a huge burst of energy within the next few minutes? That’s because our bodies absorb 99% of its caffeine typically within the first 15 minutes of drinking it! That sounds perfect for a quick energy boost, right? Well, to put it simply—what goes up must come down. 

The quick energy boost we feel from coffee is also typically followed with a “crash”—aka that feeling of fatigue or sluggishness you might be familiar with—which leads us to pouring another glass to get just through the next couple of hours. If you’re familiar with that feeling, you may also be familiar with feeling anxious all the time or wondering why you feel “stressed” more than you should. 

Good news is, it’s not all in your head—those feelings of anxiety, stress, and fatigue are very common if you’re an avid coffee drinker. 

So why does that happen? When our bodies absorb that much caffeine that quickly, it elevates our energy, and our cortisol levels—aka our stress levels. When those cortisol levels are triggered, it signals your body to enter a fight or flight mode—basically our natural instinct to protect ourselves in a stressful situation. When high levels of caffeine are consumed over time, your adrenals become very exhausted which can lead to tons of more serious side effects, even if you are the healthiest and fittest person out there!

But I just CAN’T give up caffeine! We know, it’s extremely hard to just give up caffeine especially with your busy lifestyles. Luckily, Matcha is here to help. 

Matcha, is a perfect replacement for coffee—providing not only caffeine, but a cup-full of health benefits. We know, if Matcha has caffeine, doesn’t that mean it will provide the same side effects as coffee? No! First, even though Matcha contains caffeine, it does not have AS MUCH caffeine as a cup of coffee. And in each cup of Matcha, you are also drinking L-theanine—an amino acid that promotes a feeling of calmness and focus, so you will not experience an energy crash or jitters! 

So your adrenal glands will not have to work as hard and you can feel stable energy for a longer period of time! Along with L-theanine, Matcha has a ton of antioxidants and vitamins that help boost your metabolism and promotes fat burning! 

But before you go buy a bunch of Matcha, it is important to know which types of Matcha are best! At Seven, we use Ceremonial Grade Matcha because it is the highest quality grade of matcha and will not be made with hidden pesticides or fillers like many other Matcha Teas.

So, what does Ceremonial Grade Matcha even mean? This means the tea leaves are gown under shade and then grinded into a fine powder to dissolve in water. By growing the leaves under shade, it preserves the L-theanine, Chlorophyll, and EGCG—all properties that increase stable energy, enhance mood, reduce inflammation, help boost weight loss, and much more!

With our Wildflower Honey Matcha, we use the highest quality Matcha to ensure you are getting all its health benefits and historical flavors! We also lightly sweeten it with wildflower honey so you can have a refreshing boost any time of day!