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The History of Iced Tea

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70-Calorie Classics | June 10th, 2022

At Seven Teas, we see tea as a gift as old as culture itself, but surprisingly, iced tea is a relatively new thing! Though some iced tea recipes date back to the mid-19th century, the world fell in love with iced tea during the hot summer of 1904. At the World’s Fair in St. Louis, an international expo that showcased the leading thoughts, inventions, ideas, and points of popular culture of the time, iced tea was on the menu. All the attendees flocked to chilled, sweet sips of this caffeinated refreshment. Soon, it made its way to the rest of the world. 

Over a century later, iced tea has grown in popularity and thousands of different recipes have been discovered throughout the entire globe. Whether you love the crisp fruitiness in Georgia Peach Iced Tea or the tropical sweetness of Maui Mango Iced Tea or the brilliant taste of Golden Honey Green Tea, you have a favorite that brings you joy in ways only delightful sips of Mother Nature’s goodness can. In fact, you may even try a new recipe every time you crave tea — the combinations of ingredients are endless, but the intention has always been the same: to mindfully rebalance and connect with the moment.

To us, iced tea deserves a day of celebration. It represents hundreds of cultures and histories, each sip down memory lane coming together to help people relax and mindfully appreciate the time they spend with each other. Essentially, that’s why we work so hard to bring you authentic, real brewed tea crafted with organic ingredients: to ensure you can sip on genuine goodness during the most relaxing, exciting, or energizing moments in your life.

So, join us in celebrating this amazing day with your favorite tea. Make it wild with Rojo Raspberry or energizing with Uptown Half & Half. However you celebrate, have a blast. May your National Iced Tea Day be filled with love, appreciation, and the (slightly) sweetest vibes.  

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