Citric Acid vs Lemon Juice. Which One is Best for Lemonades?

When Mother Nature Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Why Seven Teas Uses Real Lemon Over Citric Acid
70-Calorie Classics | June 21st, 2022

Most of us can agree everything tastes better with a twist of lemon. It’s bright, tangy, and citrusy in ways that remind you just how refreshing life can be. Although no one knows where exactly it originated, many trace it back to Northeast India, and records show it made its way to Europe in 200 AD. Who would’ve thought that this ancient orange-citron hybrid could be so delightful?

We think it would be ludicrous to use citric acid over lemons when lemons are so wonderful. We use organic lemon to help bring out the best in our teas & lemonades. Real organic lemon helps its surrounding flavors harmonize with beautifully distinct notes, while also adding Vitamin C, fiber, water, and many more nutrients. Citric acid, on the other hand, is simply a compound of acids created for the sole purpose of flavor without delivering nutrients. It’s a pale imitation of the real thing you want to experience. You can even taste the difference in Seven Teas Goji Hibiscus Rooibos or Himalayan Rose Tulsi.

Mother Nature’s greatest work lives on in the naturally occurring foods around us, so it’s up to us to use them wisely. While citric acid does have a nice flavor, we have to maximize the goodness in the foods we eat, and citric acid simply doesn’t cut it. It’s a shortcut with more drawbacks than upsides. Besides, lemons are always packed with the best Mother Nature can offer – why look anywhere else?

Freshen up your afternoon with a caffeine-free 70-Calorie Classic Lemonade, like Southern Strawberry or Roadside Ginger, and find comfort & refreshment in knowing that Seven Teas will always use real organic lemon to bring the best out of each and every single one of our offerings.

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