Our Company

Seven Teas was born of a reverence for the deep cultural roots of tea and an appreciation for each tea's distinctive origins.

We travelled the world to ethically source our certified organic, Fair Trade and whole leaf teas and craft each using old world brewing methods and the finest spring water. Each of our teas reflects the land, culture, history and traditions of a society and brings with it the unique benefits, flavors, colors and aromas of its place of origin. Close your eyes and set sail on a taste adventure into seven unique cultural traditions. We hope you’ll find our teas as delightfully nuanced and fascinatingly complex as the regions and cultures from which they were born.

Enjoy the voyage in every sip.

Himalayan Rose

White Peach

Saffron Mint

Wildflower Honey

Guava Mango

Spot O' Honey
Earl Grey

Goji Hibiscus

Who We Are

We founded this company because we love tea and it fuels our world travels. Both of us have always had a deep appreciation and respect for the cultural traditions surrounding tea, and believe in honoring the varied histories from which each plant originates. We’re in awe of the power of plants and personally curate the flavor of every single tea.

We also believe in giving back, and, as a contributing member of 1% for the Planet, Seven Teas supports the global initiatives to create a healthier planet for us all.

Enjoy, and drink in life to the fullest!


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