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Organic Wildflower Honey Matcha Tea

$30.00$48.00 or subscribe and save 15%

Journey to Japan with the magic of Matcha! Crafted with ceremonial grade shade-grown leaves, this gently uplifting gem offers powerful antioxidants and a grassy, noble aroma. Every sip is subtly sweet with beautiful hints of orange blossom and honey.




1 review for Organic Wildflower Honey Matcha Tea

  1. Kailee Evans

    I’ve been purchasing this tea for the past year and recently the ingredients have been changed to include Organic Fairtrade Evaporated Cane Juice. I realized the ingredients were changed after having an allergic reaction to it this morning. Anyone with a cane sugar allergy beware. This drink used to be safe, only being sweetened with honey, and now without notifying customers (or even updating their website!) of a formula change Seven Teas has added cane juice in as a sweetener.

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