The Benefits of Green Tea | Seven Teas

The Benefits of Green Tea

Why Seven Teas Loves This Antioxidant Powerhouse
70-Calorie Classics | June 29th, 2022

Our relationship with green tea spans almost 5,000 years, where it was harvested for medicinal purposes during the Han Dynasty in China. Since then, this pale-green palate pleaser spread to Japan, Europe, and then the rest of the world, but not much has changed about our love for this sacred sip of healing energy.

Seven Teas continues cherishing this rich history with every green tea offering in our catalog. By properly brewing organic whole tea leaves with mountain spring water, we present green tea in the forms most revered by the cultures who practiced its cultivation. Moroccan Mint Green Tea pairs green tea with refreshing mint to bring you a take on Morocco’s Tea of Hospitality. For Wildflower Honey Matcha, we intertwine Japanese ceremonial shade-grown matcha with amber wildflower honey to reawaken your soul with clean energy. Our 70-Calorie Classics, Maui Mango Green Tea & Golden Honey Green Tea, lift organic tea leaves with tropical stone fruit and California honey, respectively, to help you take on your day with light splashes of sweetness.

It’s obvious that green tea is important to us, but its natural healing properties should make it universally beloved. Rich in antioxidants & polyphenols, it can help your body naturally defend against the harmful effects of oxidative stress, which can present itself in a myriad of destructive illnesses and ailments. Its caffeine level gently re-energizes you without the jitters or jolts of a morning cup of coffee. Lastly, even just intentionally drinking this elixir can help you refocus or rebalance your mind. 

The impact green tea has had on human history has no bounds, so let’s raise a glass (or a can) to this happy, healthy, and wholesome sip across time.

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